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Up to Your Biggest Challenge

When you need large, complex parts, GMT Corporation is up to your biggest challenges. We are your complete manufacturing solution ~ a single-source provider for engineering, iron machining, steel fabrication and assembly. The seamless process ~ from drawing to delivery ~ saves you valuable time and money, and speeds delivery to meet crucial deadlines. And you can be assured of quality, and components that meet your precise tolerances and strictest specifications.


Services/What we do

Production Machining - 2112 E. Bremer Ave. Waverly, Iowa
Production Fabrication - 504 1st Ave SE., Waverly, Iowa
Production Service - 1900 8th St. SW., Waverly, Iowa

Major industries we partner with:

Agriculture, Construction, Gas & Oil, Defense, Railroad, Wind Energy, Airport Ground Support, Mining 


Additional Information

Capacity to get the job done.
Experienced engineers, state-of-the-art facilities, and high-volume production setup with three shifts a day means GMT Corporation has what it takes to tackle your toughest tasks and timelines.  

Quality that exceeds your expectations.
ISO 9001:2015 certification and a thorough Certified Quality Assurance Program ensure our components meet your precise tolerances and strictest specifications.

Value that's a wise investment.
Our prices are competitive, and choosing one source for the entire process saves you extra time and money. As an additional bonus, you get our Midwest work ethic at no extra charge.

Centrally located for convenience.
GMT Corporation is located in the heart of the United States — close to foundries, and with easy access to America's major highways, rivers and railways — so you know your component will be delivered when and where it's needed.

Stability for a strong partnership.
Each year, we reinvest millions of dollars in new equipment, so your components are built with the latest technology available today. Our bottom line is strong, so you can be assured we have the financial wherewithal to grow with you in the future. 


Our Vision & Mission

An entrepreneurial company committed to Performance Excellence through strategic partnerships, diverse manufacturing capabilities and intelligent risk management.

Globally competitive contract manufacturer, serving industry-leading customers through fully integrated engineering, fabrication, machining, and assembly.

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GMT Corporation

2112 East Bremer Avenue, Waverly, Iowa 50677, United States


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