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The experts in large, complex, high-precision machining, heavy fabrication, and assembly.

Three facilities. A single-source solution.

GMT Corporation is one of the largest companies in the country who can do welding, fabrication, CNC machining, assembly, and inspection of large parts in-house. We have one of the largest coordinate measuring machines (CMM) in North America, so we can meet the precise needs of diverse heavy equipment industries. We are a strong, stable, trusted partner to OEMs of all sizes. Partner with us and we’ll collaborate on your projects from the ground up to ensure quality and cost savings every step of the way.

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Tour our 3 machining and fabrication facilities to see how we process large parts with state-of-the-art equipment.

Unmatched Manufacturing Engineering Expertise

Our production engineering talent is the best in the business. We will collaborate with you in the developmental stage of your project to recommend the best manufacturing machining processes that drive down design costs and ensure the highest quality.

When you partner with us, you’ll have one point of contact — making your job easier from blueprint to the launch of your new product.

Tug Tram Ground Support Equipment Ready to be Welded by GMT Corporation

Production Quality Processes

From machining and fabrication to welding and assembly, superior quality is built into everything we do for you. Tightly controlled processes and procedures are in place to assure quality before work even begins on your product. We then inspect and test at every stage to ensure that precise quality standards continue to be met. This attention to detail gives you the confidence that your products will deliver a long life of outstanding performance.

In-Process Gauging

  • Part-specific control plans
  • Dedicated master gauges
  • Machine operator responsible for completion

CMM Facility

  • Dedicated quality specialists
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Full inspection of completed components
  • Corrective action reports and follow-up


  • Employed for all pre-production processes and components
One of the Largest CMMs in North America at GMT Corporation Inspecting a Windmill Housing Case

Our Services

Our ability to support multiple facets of our customers’ businesses is what really sets us apart. Only GMT is able to do welding, fabrication, machining, assembly, and inspection of large parts in-house — delivering major time and money savings.

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